Deborah Burt

Born in 1971 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, Deborah’s first equine memory is of feeding her great uncle’s champion hunter chaser Baulking Green pears during his retirement. She was hooked and spent many of her childhood hours watching the horses in the fields around her grandparents home, whilst their thoroughly independent Jack Russell Terrier went rabbiting! Since then she has worked as a groom, stud hand, stud secretary and racing journalist and prepared for sale thoroughbreds of all ages in the UK and USA.

Although Deborah completed a Foundation Course at her local Art College, it wasn’t until she was recovering from illness that her interest in art was rekindled by participating in a bronze-casting course in 2005. Since then she has undertaken an increasing number of commissions, enjoying the challenge of working in three dimensions. Having also learnt to cast her work in bronze resin (sometimes called cold cast bronze) I now work solely with the foundry to produce the finish piece in bronze.

In 2006 Deborah won the Society of Equestrian Artists Devon Art Week Scholarship and has exhibited with the SEA at The Mall Galleries, London and Palace House, Newmarket in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. From 2007 she acted as their Honorary Secretary, though retired from this position in March 2010 to concentrate on her sculpting. This year the majority of her commissions have been canine, including an ongoing project featuring hounds from the South Dorset Hunt.

Deborah works from life, sketches and reference photographs in her Somerset studio.