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Nick Mackman

Nick Mackman is a sculptor of one-off clay animal models. She has been widely exhibited and in 2010 she won the Open Category in the Wild Life Artist of the Year competition. Most of her pieces are Raku fired, giving a rich but natural crackle glaze. Drawing on her experience as a rhino keeper and on safari, she aims to get under the skin of the animal, giving each animal sculpture its own personality.

Many of her subjects are highly endangered and she aims to enlighten us to their beauty, humour and tenderness, even though they may be largely perceived as ugly or aggressive.

She has been widely exhibited and over the years her animals have found homes with, amongst others, John Cleese, June Whitfield, David Shepherd and Viscountess Serena Linley. She has accepted commissions from British Airways and the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, making trophies for the award winners.

To help offset carbon emissions associated with the production of her work and fuel expended during deliveries, Nick donates 3% of her profits towards tree planting and safeguarding forests in Britain and South America. She is also an active supporter of conservation and animal welfare groups, working here in the UK and overseas with, amongst others, the David Shepherd Foundation.

She lives in Devon, in South West England, with her husband, twin children and two dogs.