Samantha Snowden

“Since I graduated at the Hull School of Art and Design in 2001 with a BA HONS Degree in Fine Art, I have been continuously working on my technique and style of painting. I share a studio space with my partner and we are part of a group of practising artists who try to collaborate and exhibit together. The paintings that I make are composed of abstract layers of contrasting, expressive mark making. My recent work has been inspired in part by the CoBrA group of painters, especially the playful, spontaneous compositions of Karel Appel. In a similar way to these artists I layer painterly marks to create distinct spaces and moments of activity within the paintings. The gestural nature of my technique is important and I deliberately endeavour to keep figurative imagery out the painting. I am also highly influenced by early to mid 20th century classical music and the episodic, jarring nature of certain works by Stravinsky and Schoenberg. In these works it is possible to enjoy the sounds and orchestral motifs without having to liken the music to anything figurative. This concept of pure non-representational expression is something that I have aspired to throughout my painting career.”